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Team Strength and Conditioning

The importance of in-season training and off-season conditioning from the inaugurate beginning has become more and more important. This sudden demand for team-specific training has left teams, coaches and parents confused about their options.

Do we train as a team or should it be position-specific?

Is a public gym sufficient?

And finally the dreaded… Well what are other teams doing?

Unfortunately, this jumble of options has resulted in competitor teams training alongside each other. This makes for an uncomfortable environment, and not one conducive to cohesive team building – as we know is of utmost important.

Aspire Fitness lives and breathes athletics, excelling individually in a multitude of competitive sports our staff are success-driven, University educated individuals, with advanced-level knowledge on biomechanics and kinesiology. This level of education allows us to go outside your traditional “training box”. In order to succeed and surpass the competition your team needs an incomparable edge and that’s exactly what our Kinesiologists will provide you.

We only take one team from each league, this gives you the competitive advantage on the field or ice. We take a scientific approach to training. Aspire Fitness only employs kinesiologists; this allows us to work with a huge array of sports and break down your players needs into their individual components. We take the time to identify those needs and build on them.

Our Process

Training your team at Aspire Fitness is not a revolving door. Before any conditioning begins we sit down with coaches and discuss what they need from their team. Every team has a different winning strategy and we will build on that.

If your team relies on quickness and speed, we train you for acceleration and quick turn-around time. If your time needs to be hard to move and stand tall, we condition them to be immobile and impossible to take down and stand tall in front of the net.

Other training facilities treat you like a generic product and put you through their typical “training machine”. Aspire Fitness is proud to take the individualized program and develop OUR athletes.

The process starts with an analysis of the team; it doesn’t matter what sport. Whether it’s hockey, football, baseball or curling, every sport has specific needs. This analysis allows us to identify the key components to focus on. This style of program design allows us to really make your team the best that they can be. We train teams to be the sum of all of their parts. By isolating what parts have what needs, the team as a whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Team workouts are approximately one hour long and are executed at our facility or off-site. The advantage of using our facility is that we are able to incorporate unique equipment, not available through the typical “training machine”.

Aspire Fitness is staffed by seasoned athletes, so we know the importance of budgeting for teams, so we use a flat-rate billing system. Each team session is only $150, easy math. So, if 15 players are in for a workout, it’s only $10 per athlete. As an added bonus after 9 sessions, the 10th workout is on us. When you commit to ten workouts during the season we also present your hardest-working athlete with “Aspire’s Hardest Worker” trophy – which includes one month of off-season training!


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