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A different kind of motivation for exercising: Aspire Fitness in Canstar

If you get the Canstar newspapers delivered with your Winnipeg Free Press, then you will see the story writer Carolyne Braid did showcasing the successes and celebration of our Pushups to Pin-Ups program in this week’s edition. In the story, P2P grad Sabrina Carnevale shares her experience with Canstar readers. Read the full article here:

Push-Ups to Pinups | Fiona

To be restricted to talk about Fiona in fewer than 350 words, is like asking someone to describe a sunrise while only using adjectives that start with the letter “X”. If you don’t know who Fiona is and you’ve been in the gym for a couple of days, she is the lady with the huge

Push-Ups to Pinups | Heather

Now when I think of Heather I think of one thing, her red dress. Now to fully explain why the red dress comes into play I have to let you peek behind the curtain so to speak. A couple of days before her shoot she wasn’t sure if the red dress would fit or look