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Movement Monday|Double Sided Jackknife

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with some unique core exercises, and if you’re new to working out you might think there are only a few options, like a crunch and a few variations of that. The truth is that when it comes to core work the only limitation is your imagination. To help get

Movement Monday | Lunge

A lunge is one of the great leg exercises, it recruits many different muscles in the legs and has many variations. But we must walk before we can run, so lets start with the basic lunge. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, take a big step forward, from this out stretched position lower your

Movement Monday | Shoulder Press

A shoulder press is a very simple movement, once you get the basic movement figured out you can really start to get creative. But let’s build a foundation and move forward from there. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells on your shoulders and palms facing forward. While keeping your core engaged and tight