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Ragnar 2015 – van 2

Written by: Sherrie of Van 2 The Van 2 Story‚Ķ Click here to read Van 1’s side of the story I think Van 2 had big intentions of getting extra sleep before the first major exchange. Of course, with a bunch of insomniacs in the group that plan was destined to fail. So off we

Supper Central & Aspire Fitness| Paleo Party

Struggling getting into the swing of eating clean, come check out this little Paleo Party at Supper Central January 13th @ 7pm. We have five Aspire Fitness approved meals that are on the menu for that evening. So come on down and see how great healthy can taste! Supper Central takes the shopping, chopping, and cleanup

Aspire UA Fly By Stretch Mesh Tank

Some of you may have seen our sweet new mesh tanks at Dirty Donkey this weekend, they are now officially for sale starting this morning. They’re only $45, we have limited quantities so act quickly. You can pick them up next time you’re in the gym. We won’t be doing a reorder so get yours