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Supplement Free Training

It’s a question I get asked weekly, “What sort of supplements do you encourage in Push-Ups to Pinups or Grit to Glory?”. The answer–and something I’m very proud to say–is that there are no prescribed¬†supplements in any of our programs. I’m a big believer that you should chew your food, and supplementation should be exactly

Supper Central & Aspire Fitness| Paleo Party

Struggling getting into the swing of eating clean, come check out this little Paleo Party at Supper Central January 13th @ 7pm. We have five Aspire Fitness approved meals that are on the menu for that evening. So come on down and see how great healthy can taste! Supper Central takes the shopping, chopping, and cleanup

Paleo Chicken Fingers

I know I’m not alone when it comes to making “comfort” paleo foods, it does feel great to have heaps of vegetables and great protein but sometimes you just crave some good old fashioned junk food. Well this sure helps with that, instead of going and grabbing some processed junk from the superstore take sometime