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Win the 3rd

Games are won in the off-season. Win the 3rd is here to help you maximize your dry land training. When it comes to hockey conditioning the name of the game is anaerobic threshold. It’s what makes you strong through out your shift, from the first puck drop to the last whistle.

Some may have more talent, but there is NO EXCUSE for anyone working harder than you.

John Tavares

Win the 3rd is designed in three convenient options, to accommodate the unique needs of each player. Each program contains the core skills needed to be a contender on the ice. As we go longer into the program we add more competencies that transfer over to the ice.

Win the 3rd is completely online, no group sessions to rush to, no set gym times to juggle. Your off-season dry land on your own schedule. With 4 Weekly workouts and 2 Recovery Workouts every week you’re sure to be at your fittest for the upcoming season.

One Time
3 Training Phases
Get ready for next season with this 12-week training program. Great for multisport athletes who are looking to get their competitive edge next year.
Basic and Advanced Aerobic Conditioning
Basic, Unilateral and Dynamic Movement Patterns
Mobility Training
Online Training with Videos and Descriptions to guide you
Weekly Schedule
2-Way messaging with our team of Kinesiologists
STARTS June 1, 2020
One Time
4 Training Phases
Push hard in the off-season and be a standout on the ice this next season.
Includes everything from the 12-week program plus...
Lactate Threshold Training
Proprioceptive Training
STARTS May 4, 2020

All programs are scheduled to end August 23, 2020. Need a custom start date? Please contact us and we can work with you to create the perfect schedule for your tryout season and regular season.

Aerobic Conditioning

Even though hockey is primarily an anaerobic demanding sport, having a strong baseline of aerobic capacity allows for quicker recovery, and allows for maximal output during an entire shift with minimal drop-off at the end of your time on the ice.

Anaerobic Conditioning

This is the ‘overdrive’ of the athlete. An athlete’s ability to ‘find another gear’ is linked to their anaerobic capacity. Increasing the anaerobic capacity allows for more work to be done on the ice.

Peak Metabolic Output

Hockey demands an athlete works at or near 100% of their max. Win the 3rd optimizes the workouts to closely resemble a shift on the ice. This helps bring the off-season conditioning together and makes shifts more effective.

Movement Patterns

Win the 3rd breaks down movement patterns into their primary components and builds strength in each plane of movement. As we progress we start to tie them all together creating an athlete that is strong and effective in all three dimensions.

Lactate Threshold Training

An athlete’s body does have it’s limits, and these limits can easily be met during a short shift. Your body protects itself with lactic acid. All though lactic acid will eventually halt an athlete, a tolerance can be built up to lactic acid allowing an athlete to remain at ‘redline’ longer.

Off-Axis Training

Skaters rarely have both skates on the ice, it takes a great deal of coordination and strength to be effective off on foot. Pulling it all together allows athletes to pull off those circus-like movements, adding a whole new dimension to their game.


Often overlooked mobility allows and athlete to increase their ability to do work over a greater range. A stiff athlete isn’t running at peak performance. Win the 3rd helps athletes pull it all together and move freely through their entire range of motion.


We rarely think of it but often are amazed by it. High-end athletes seem to have this ability to know where everyone, including themselves, are on the ice. Training the proprioceptive system allows an athlete greater spacial awareness, translating into ‘better feet’ and puck handling.

Pre-Season Prep

Off-season training is meant to push a body past it’s comfort zone. This needs to be considered going into the start of a season. Win the 3rd tapers the program to allow for peak performance during tryouts and for the first puck drop of the season.