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Life is about moments, and sometimes it’s about fitting in moments between all the other hustle and bustle of life. QuickFourFive is here to give you those moments back. The workouts are limited to 45-minutes and are geared towards quick and functional exercises. You’ll be pushed to maintain a high-level of work and feel the satisfaction that comes with pushing yourself past your past self. QuickFourFive is here to help busy people take time for themselves, let’s face it, it’s hard to put aside hours at the gym when juggling work and life. The firm 45-minute workout gives you the flexibility to fit exercise into your life, without having to completely uproot your life. You’ll be an example your friends and family will look up towards and be excited to share in your success.


45 minute workouts with minimal equipment




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Self Paced – workouts expire 12-months after purchase


45 Minutes



QuickFourFive was designed with your time of the utmost importance, we know you have a lot to get done in a day. Not only are the workouts only 45-minutes, but you can also schedule your appointments on your terms. No need to be a slave to class schedules, want to break up your day with a workout, we can do that. Want to wrap up a long day at work with 45-minutes of time to yourself, our open scheduling allows you that flexibility.

During your brief time here you will see a variety of exercises, each chosen to maximize your work. You’ll see a mix of anaerobic movements, with compound resistance training. Each workout will have a core and aerobic components peppered in, and the rest is where we get to flex our creative muscle.

To find out if QuickFourFive is right for you, contact us and we can help you find the best product to meet your goals.

8 Workouts
Great for the beginner
Open Scheduling
Semi-Private Training
45 minutes from Start to Finish
16 Workouts
Add variety into your life
Open Scheduling
Semi-Private Training
45 minutes from Start to Finish