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P2P 5.0

Hard Work Generates Results

P2P 5.0

Allow us to lay the road map to your journey of success. Going to the gym and just wandering around aimlessly isn’t the best way to get to your goals. Get the results you expect with Push-Ups to Pinups. Push-Ups to Pinups is a great jumping-off point for someone wanting to get into exercise. Our progressively challenging workouts will ensure you are always being pushed. For those who are looking at mixing up their current routine, Push-Ups to Pinups is always pushing your limits. You don’t have to give up everything else in your life to focus on Push-Ups to Pinups. Our ‘Pinups’ are real people, with real jobs, with families and responsibilities. Being healthy isn’t a 40-hour a week commitment, it’s a series of smart choices until it becomes routine.


What’s New

Building on our 8 years of helping people look and feel their best, we have made some incredible changes to bring to you our best experience yet! With over 500 Pinups in our Hall of Fame, we have the expertise to get you to a place where you look as good as you feel.

  • 5 Days/Week; Following the fantastic feedback we’ve received from our past programs, we are going all-in with 5 days a week! Scheduled Monday-Friday, allows you the weekend to rest and relax. Workouts range from 60-90mins, each takes you through a warm-up, a multi-discipline workout, and a cool down.
  • Series Based Programming; the program is about achieving certain objectives… those objectives are now broken down in series. And each series has a progression. And just for fun, I’ve named them after clients, past and present. What does this mean for you? It means you know exactly what each part of your workout is trying to achieve.
  • Bodyweight workouts; It’s ok if you can’t always get to the gym. As part of your 5 days a week is one day of bodyweight exercises. Allowing you the flexibility to do the workout where ever you’d like.
  • Self-Scheduled; Have the freedom to do your workouts when you want. Monday-Friday not work for you, you can easily move your workouts around. Push-Ups to Pinups now allows you to do your workouts on your terms, working late… no problem do it after work. Taking a day off of work… awesome do your workout mid-day. Juggling a child’s sleep schedule… get your workout done during nap time.
  • App to follow along with; it’s like having our expertise in your pocket. Our app allows you to get the guidance and direction you need to get the most of your workouts. And when you need a little more help you’ll be able to message our team of kinesiologists directly from the app.
  • Online Community; when you sign up you’ll become part of a community of people who are doing the program with you. Looking for that extra push, our fitness community will give you that extra push. Feel like you need to brag about an accomplishment, post it! We love hearing about all your successes.
  • Integration into your fitness apps; Pair your favourite fitness apps. Easily track your calories with MyFitnessPal integration. Get the whole picture of your fitness journey.

It’s all about Balance

Push-Ups to Pinups helps you find your balance between health and the rest of your life. Investing five hours a week into your well-being pays dividends;

  • Makes you feel happier
  • Increased energy
  • Improved focus
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved sexual health
  • Increased Quality of Living
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
  • Offset the onset of osteoporosis
  • Help maintain a healthy body composition

We will provide the direction and you provide the hard work. This has always been our formula of success, push people to find their new normal. Exercise is an ever changing thing, when done right you should always be redefining your comfort level. Push-Ups to Pinups will help find that comfort level and push you outside of it.


Sign up today and take the first step in a HEALTHY HAPPY YOU! Your program will start on the following Monday!


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It’s like having a trainer in on your phone. Follow your program with our mobile app. The entire 12-weeks is laid out for you, just click and work. No experience needed; workouts include videos and exercise descriptions to help keep you on track and pointed towards your goal.

Equipment Needed

For most of the program, you will only need basic equipment like Dumbbells and Bands, there are a few workouts that will require some more elaborate equipment, specifically a Cable machine.

Series Included

  • Aaliyah – Aerobic Capacity
  • Barbara – Anaerobic Capacity
  • Belinda – Anaerobic Capacity (Hard)
  • Dallas – Core (Sagittal Plane)
  • Dana – Core (Frontal Plane)
  • Heather – Bands (Fullbody)
  • Isadora – Dumbbells (Fullbody)
  • Isabelle – Dumbbells (Upperbody)
  • Inderveer – Dumbbells (Push)
  • Irene – Dumbbells (Pull)
  • Lara – Body Weight