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Lean and Keen (Online)

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Lean and Keen (Online)

Lean and Keen is for those who want to challenge themselves in the gym while building functional strength and improving cardiovascular health. The online version allows you to take your workouts with you to the gym and have all the information at your fingertips.


Lean and Keen (Online) is a great option for someone who is already at a gym and wants to add the accountability that comes with having a trainer but doesn’t want to pay the high prices. Imagine having everything you need right in your phone, follow along with the workouts with videos and descriptions of exercises, while one of our kinesiologists guides you along the way answering any of your questions and offering tips and tricks to get through the next 12-weeks.


  • A membership to a gym, or a well-equipped home gym
  • Ability to maintain 70% of Max Heart Rate for at least 30 mins
  • No current injury that would limit your mobility
  • Heart Rate Monitor (optional but encouraged)
  • A good attitude

This app/program is a game-changer. Meal plan and macros laid out giving you ample room to vary it to your tastes, 12 weeks of comprehensive training complete with videos to show you how to execute them, AND a trainer available at your fingertips to answer your questions.

Lisa – L&K Ambassador 2020
Lean and Keen
One Time
Everything you need
Online Access
48 Unique Lean and Keen Workouts
12-Weeks (6 Days/week of activities)
Exercise Library
MyFitnessPal, FitBIT Integration
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