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Lean and Keen

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Lean and Keen

Lean and Keen is for those who want to challenge themselves in the gym while building functional strength and improving cardiovascular health. Lean and Keen is a 12-week 4 workout a week program. The program is broken down into three different phases each building on the last while remaining challenging. Let’s get on board and spend the next 12-weeks getting lean and keen.


Lean Body Composition & Fundamental Strength


Novice to Advanced


Be Real


Fixed Workouts


Open Scheduling


12-Weeks – 4 workouts/week


60-75min Workouts


1 Mile Run / Max Pushups (60s) / Max Pullups / Max Plank

Three Phases

  • Phase 1 – 4 weeks (16 workouts) – we start with all the fundamentals we will need for the following workouts. Longevity is the name of the game with this phase. This phase focuses on dynamic flexibility, and improving on your shoulder and hip mobility, a must for what is to come.
  • Phase 2 – 4 weeks (16 workouts) – time to step it up. The mix of short bout intervals, cadence training, and off-axis hip strength will challenge you to new levels of strength and conditioning.
  • Phase 3 – 4 weeks (16 workouts) – let’s push hard to the finish line, we’re going to put all the pieces together in the last 4-weeks, high-intensity intervals, mixed with big strong movements. And the proverbial cherry on top, plyometric work to ensure we have all of our bases covered.


Lean and Keen tracks your progress with 4 assessments, in the beginning, and end of each phase. Four simple tests; our regular body composition suite, one-minute pushup test, max pullups and one mile run on the curve treadmill.


Lean and Keen is one of our many programs that has the benefit of Open-Scheduling. This gives you the flexibility to schedule your workouts when they work best for you, no need to commit to a specific class schedule. It’s simple just schedule your appointment, show up, we’ll take care of the rest. Well you’ll do the workout we’ll do the planning.

Lean and Keen
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Push yourself to be STRONGER, FASTER and LEANER!
12 Weeks
48 Workouts
4 Assessments
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On your schedule
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48 Unique Lean and Keen Workouts
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