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Grit to Glory

Hard Work Generates Results

Grit to Glory

A 14-week gritty, progressive program constructed to challenge everyone from the gym-newcomer to the seasoned sweat-junkie. 4 workouts a week will be executed in-house under the supervision of certified kinesiologists and additional homework. The piece de resistance is a professional photo-shoot at week 12.


Healthy Body Composition & Lean strong muscles


Novice to Advanced


Stand Tall


Fixed Workouts


Open Scheduling


12-Weeks (4x/week), Last 2-weeks (3x/week)




Bi-Weekly Body Composition Testing

Going out with a bang: Post-photo-shoot our 2 week exit program affirms our promise to you that this a life-style and not a quick-fix. Here is where we focus on your next goal; whether it’s sports, family or life-related we’re going to set you up for a succession of successes.


We have intakes running twice every month for the first 9 months of the year. There is no better time to sign up than now. We offer the flexibility of adjusting your weekly frequency of workouts to accomodate a busy schedule, away on a family vacation…. come twice one week and make up the 2 workouts over the course of the two following weeks. No problem, it’s that easy!

A photo shoot for guys?

Yes. Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight, especially after putting in the work and this is the best way to capture that success.

It’s not a “bodybuilding contest”, it’s not just a “thing that girls do”. When you look great, feel great and are universally at your personal peak there’s nothing like it and keeping record of that feeling is motivation to always keep operating at your best. Whether you take this time to finally get some new family photos, do the couples photoshoot you’ve talked about forever or do it just for you. Hey maybe your LinkedIn profile pic is just outdated, it’s your shoot, you choose.

The Program

At Aspire we always say that “Hard Work Generates Results” and Grit to Glory is no exception. Your 4 workouts a week in house will be progressive yet challenging. You will discover what your body is really capable of. Between your workouts at Aspire Fitness you will have 5 days of homework to do on your own, allowing you the flexibility to fit G2G into your busy schedule. Every two weeks we will check your progress with our body composition testing, this ensures you’re heading in the right direction.

No experience necessary

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a gym before, we can help you navigate our fitness centre and teach you the skills necessary to succeed, not only that you’ll leave here with knowledge you can take out on your own and maintain your results or even build on it.

Real Food

No need to put the BBQ away, our meal plan is real food. That’s right you can still throw a nice steak on the BBQ, or cook up some ribs. There is no secret to eating healthy, just eliminate processed food, which leaves you with some incredible foods. Check out some of our recipes that are sure to fill you up.

Bring your better half

Sometimes having someone working beside you can be the difference of success or failure. We have many couples who do Push-Ups to Pinups and Grit to Glory alongside each other and have a fantastic photo shoot together. Gentleman be careful how you suggest this.