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There is nothing better than a good old fashioned dumbbell workout. Say goodbye to machines and let’s go old school with Dumbbell for Days. 12-Weeks of M-F workouts, 60 Unique Days of working out.

Dumbbells for Days is here to push you hard, get you sweaty and burn calories. Workouts are between 60-75 minutes and only require dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can always use items around the house like soup cans.

Every day is different, you will see a range of Aerobic Workouts, Anaerobic Workouts, Core Work and Dumbbell Work. This is a tough program but is certainly doable for most people. As with any of our programs you should check with your physician to ensure you are up for starting a program.

Workouts are delivered right to your phone, with descriptions and videos for exercises to help you follow along. You will also be automatically added to an online support community to help you stay the course and conquer the next 12-weeks.

Required Equipment

Optional Equipment

* different people will require different weights, a range of several sets of dumbbells would work best.

Upon purchase, you will be registered to start the following Monday. This program doesn’t include a gym membership and is done via our Online Training App.

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Getting Old School
Push hard with these 60-75 minute workouts.
12-Week Program
5-Days a Week
60 Unique Days
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