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Hard Work Generates Results


Aspire’s personal trainers respect that everyone’s goals are unique and so should be your training program. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength and stamina or to become a better athlete, Aspire’s CustomFit program is tailored to your goals and your body. Making the decision to choose a more active lifestyle is a great choice in increasing your quality of life. Let us help you set measurable goals, challenge you and be with you every step of the way. Your CustomFit Personal Training Program is designed based on your needs. Your program will accommodate for your physical ability as well as your knowledge of exercise. We will go as fast or as slow as needed to help you achieve your goals.


Variable – Based on unique goals


Beginner to Expert


Be Real


Dynamic Programming


Open Scheduling


Minimum One-Month (2-5x/week)


Variable – Depending on goals and schedule


Variable – Based on goals

Dynamic Programming

What does dynamic programming mean for you? It means no two workouts are the same! Every time you come in for a workout you’ll be doing something different. You’ll always be introduced to new exercises and new challenges giving you the best experience. With CustomFIT we want you to be ready for anything, as your fitness level increases the workouts match your gains.

Open Scheduling

Schedules aren’t always easy to follow and we understand that life happens. If we’re open you can make an appointment. No need to block off the same time every week. Your schedule can be whatever you need it to be (obviously we have to be open), have a week of travel for work? Schedule your workouts around your busy schedule, not ours!


We’re all family here at Aspire Fitness. What makes us special? It’s the people who walk through the doors. When you come for a workout you’ll be with people who will help you along the way. Everyone will be doing their workout that we prescribed them, you’ll be doing your own custom workout, just one of our kinesiologists watching everyone. This helps keep the price more manageable but more importantly, you get to meet people, these people are the ones that will “guilt” you into getting your butt to the gym.

Our Process


Here we will sit down and discuss your goals, and determine the best course for us to help you be successful.


The time has come you’re doing your first workout. During all your workouts we will be evaluating your progress to ensure we’re on track to reach your goals.


As you progress through your journey we will be constantly looking at ways to better improve your workouts. To give you the best experience we build your workouts each day before you get to the gym. This allows us to fine tune each workout for you based on our observations from past workouts.


As you start knocking your goals off, we sit down with you to determine some new goals. This way you’re always challenged and we can help you achieve things you never thought possible.