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Body Weight

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Body Weight


If you’re looking to get into a fitness program with minimal investment, here ya go! All you need is your body, a gym mat might be comfortable, but not necessary. Our 4-week program will take you through 3 workouts/week, and the best part of these workouts are quick only 22mins! A great entry point for anyone trying to get into living a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

Who’s this for?

For anyone who is looking at trying something new, or getting started with a training program. No equipment is needed, just a positive attitude and willingness to work hard.

This program also complements many other programs. Let’s say you’re doing a running program but want to add a little extra in… here ya go! Maybe you’re looking for something to do at lunch… Body Weight workouts are incredible for that! It’s just 22 minutes… still plenty of time to eat your lunch after!