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Welcome Back

We are excited to welcome everyone back to Aspire Fitness! Come join us and check out all the awesome changes we’ve made…

30-Day Gym Challenge

Hey we know that some of the equipment at gyms looks odd, and you have no idea where to start. The 30-Day Gym Challenge gives you direction to feel confident in the gym and help you reach your goals.

Free 14-Day Trial

It’s here! Our Online Training App is ready to rock and roll. We are looking for 30 people to help us test it out. You can check out a 14-Day Trial for absolutely free. And if its something you enjoy we can go from there. Come check it out, all we ask in return is

Online Training Ambassador

Want to help us spread the word about our newest program while getting in great shape? We’re looking for Ten ambassadors to help us promote the Aspire Fitness’ Online Training Program.

15 Years | 15 Lessons

I struggle to believe that 15 years ago today Aspire had it’s first client do a workout. It actually blows my mind, I can remember that day so vividly. I remember when Nat walked in and asked what we were doing that day… I had no idea. I was so excited to set up the


Life is about moments, and sometimes it’s about fitting in moments between all the other hustle and bustle of life. QuickFourFive is here to give you those moments back. The workouts are limited to 45-minutes and are geared towards quick and functional exercises. You’ll be pushed to maintain a high-level of work and feel the