Hard Work Generates Results

Core Circuit

Come join us for the first core circuit of this winter season! This is an hour long workout which focuses on the muscles of the core. It’s challenging but we do encourage anybody to take the challenge if you don’t think you can do it, let us know and we can help you make the

Daylight-saving time could sabotage your sleep schedule – CNN.com

The thought of gaining an extra hour of sleep at the end of daylight-saving time may make you giddy with excitement — but the time switch could also be a trigger for nighttime sleep and daytime alertness problems. Whether you have an existing sleep condition or you’ve always gotten regular shut-eye, there’s a chance you

Eat This, Not That for Kids

Eat This, Not That for Kid is not a diet book, but a wake-up call to parents to start feeding their kids healthier foods. After the wildly popular Eat This, Not That book, aimed at helping adults make smarter food choices, authors David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding followed with this sequel. One of the book’s

Workout of the Week

This workout is designed to quick and effective. It only takes 30 minutes and gets all your major muscle groups. 50 Jumping Jacks Followed by one minute of the following; Pushups Forward Lunge Lateral Raise One Legged Deadlift (Left Leg) Reverse Pushup One Legged Deadlift (Right Leg) Swiss Ball Bicycle Swiss Ball Back Hyper Extension