Hard Work Generates Results

Workout of the week November 15th

As per Amber’s request this workout is all body weight and can be done anywhere… The thing to remember about body weight training is that if it is too easy just go longer, or add weight by holding onto some dumbbells (soup cans work good too). So grab a quick warmup and let’s get started.

Workout of the Week

This one is sure to get you ready for that big night out on the town. It uses supersets to get the blood flow to those all important muscles. This is done as a circuit so it’s a very quick workout. So warm up and give it a try…

Closed for Remembrance Day

Aspire Fitness will be closed Tuesday November 11th to remember our fallen heros. So take sometime from your day and remember those who fought for what we have now.

Workouts for Stress Relief

We all have our own ways of dealing with stress. Some of us go the healthy route, like one of my friends who sneaks out of work early to get a massage, while others turn to unhealthy behaviors, like drinking too much or eating leftover Halloween candy. People who exercise, however, know how much a