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Fire Fighter | Occupational Training

Tuesday @ 8pm and Saturdays @ 930am

Are you looking to get hired as a police officer, fire fighter or paramedic? At Aspire fitness we have a new job related conditioning camp that is geared towards your field of work. We design workouts that have a combination of Anaerobic /aerobic cardiovascular training. We also integrate strength and endurance components into the workouts through a wide variety of resistance training exercises (TRX, machines, free weights, etc…). We know what the physical requirements are for your respective physical fitness tests, and want to help you achieve your career goals of being employed by one of these professions. We have worked with hundreds of people at the testing stages of each one of these professions and know what needs to be done in order to pass your fitness tests. Give us a try, pass your fitness test and get a great workout while you’re at it.

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