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WORK(OUT) FROM HOME – Employee Engagement

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WORK(OUT) FROM HOME – Employee Engagement

As a global pandemic sweeps through every facet of our lives it is becoming more and more difficult to engage our workforce. As many companies continue to have employees work from home or remotely the regular routines are turned upside down and everyone is looking for some stability during this trying time. 

Capitalizing on our 15-years of experience working with a wide range of clientele, we are proud to offer WORK(OUT) FROM HOME. A program designed to keep your workforce engaged with quick 30-minute workouts they can do from home or on break. The program requires very little equipment and will help your team stay energized and focused.

It is a four workout program that your team can do from home, or at the workplace. There is no equipment needed, just 30-minutes. Having a healthy active workforce will allow them to stay on task with energy and focus.

The workplace has been rocked with layoffs and operational changes that have made every company rethink their strategies. Exercise helps your team manage stress and is an excellent way to stay positive and engaged in their well-being. We are offering an online program to help keep your workforce working at maximal efficiency. This can also be a great opportunity to keep your staff that might not be in the office right now, engaged in workplace culture and part of the team.

Up to 50 employeesUp to 100 employeesUp to 250 employees
* 4-Week Program
* Designed by a Certified Kinesiologist
* Online Group Accountability
* Workouts with videos to follow along with
* 20% discount on our other online programs
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Online Group Accountability

Keep your motivation with our Online Group Accountability and see how your co-workers are doing! This is set up for each company that takes advantage of this program. This also gives us a fun chance to add weekly challenges or fitness tips, this can easily be coordinated with your wellness coordinator.