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Aspire Referral Program

Aspire Referral Program


We absolutely love meeting new people and helping them work towards their goals. That’s why we’re extremely proud to announce our new Aspire Referral Program. It’s super easy and what could be better than bringing some of your friends in. Aspire it built on the idea of being a family, let’s keep that going and open our arms and grow our Aspire Family.

The Low Down

1st and 2nd month – 15% credit of the referred client’s training fees (gst excluded)

3rd month – 20% credit of the referred client’s training fees (gst excluded)


Let’s say we have a long time Aspire Family member, Justin, who wants to introduce his friend to Aspire. So his friend Ben comes in and signs up! Ben’s bill is $300 a month, for his first month Justin would have $45 credited to his account. Let’s say Ben is loving how he feels and all the extra energy he has and signs up for another month. Now Justin has another $45 credited. OK Ben is all over this and goes for the third month, now Justin gets $60 credited to his account. All that for telling his friend Ben about Aspire, he saved $150!

The fine print

  • The credit can only be used towards training fees, there is no cash value outside of Aspire Fitness.
  • There is no limit to how many people you can refer, either during your entire time at Aspire or monthly.
  • The credited value will be based on discounted amounts if applicable.
  • Credits won’t be issued retroactively. Just for new clients on or after Dec 1, 2017.
  • New clients are defined as not having completed any CustomFIT, Push-Ups to Pinups or Grit to Glory programs. This doesn’t include anyone who has tried Aspire through other promotions such as “Bring-a-Friend”.
  • Referrals are based on information given at the initial meeting.
  • A credit can be applied starting your 2nd month.
  • Credit’s will be issued as Credit Memos and at the time the referred client has paid their invoice.