Hard Work Generates Results

How we are ensuring the safety of our members!

  • One person per 10min time slot
  • 6 Stations/workout – 10mins/each
  • 60min Workouts


  • Prior to scheduling appointment please ensure you are able to pass the following screening test https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/
  • If you are feeling unwell please cancel your workout
    • We have reduced cancellation window to 30mins prior to workout
  • Have an appointment prior to entering the premises
    • There will be no drop-ins. Appointment times are firm and WILL NOT be extended to accommodate late entry. 
  • Maintain Social Distancing while waiting to enter the building
    • Please follow the markings on the sidewalk to keep distance if there are people waiting to enter
    • Arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment
  • All payments will be made prior to workouts via our online scheduling system
  • Temporarily suspend towel service and water fountains
    • Bring your own towel and water bottle


  • If possible refrain from using change rooms and washrooms
  • Wipe down used surfaces with the disinfectant in each room, including door handles, sink taps


  • Avoid loitering, please be prompt in entering and exiting the building. 
    • You are free to “catch up” with your gym friends outside on the patio, only if you are able to maintain appropriate social distancing


  • The floor space has been split up into 6 stations. Upon entering the building you will start at station 1, your program will be 8 mins long, with 2 mins to wipe the equipment. After the 10 mins you will move onto the next station. This pattern will continue six times completing the hour-long workout.
  • (NOT APPLICABLE YET) We will not be using our workout ‘smartboard’. You will be responsible for downloading TRAINERIZE app, where I will have your work out there to follow along
  • All exercise instructions will be done from a distance.