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We have a limited supply of equipment for rent. If you’re interested in renting equipment please contact jason@aspirefitness.ca

Equipment Available

All rental terms are 30-days, and will require having a credit card on file.

EquipmentDescriptionRental Cost
(30 Day Period)
(rented as a set – 2 dumbbells)
5lbs$7.50/30 day
8lbs$12.00/30 day
10lbs$15.00/30 day
12lbs$18.00/30 day
15lbs$22.50/30 day
20lbs$30.00/30 day
25lbs$37.50/30 day
30lbs$45.00/30 day
35lbs$52.50/30 day
40lbs$60.00/30 day
Barbell Plates2.5 – 45lbs$0.50/lb/30 day
Strength EquipmentMulti Position Bench$60.00/30 day
Squat Rack$100.00/30 day
Multi Cable Pulley$150.00/30 day
Cardio EquipmentSpin Bike$150.00/30 day
Treadmill$200.00/30 day
Jacob’s Ladder$200.00/30 day
Stepmill$200.00/30 day
Rower$150.00/30 day
Misc EquipmentGym Mat$5.00/30 day
Exercise Balls$5.00/each/30 day
Mini Bands$2.50/each/30 day
Superbands$3.00/each/30 day
Foam Roller$5.00/30 day