Hard Work Generates Results

I struggle to believe that 15 years ago today Aspire had it’s first client do a workout. It actually blows my mind, I can remember that day so vividly. I remember when Nat walked in and asked what we were doing that day… I had no idea. I was so excited to set up the gym and brainstorm ideas I had forgotten about all the important stuff like intake forms, and goal setting. That was an important lesson, come prepared. I thought it would be fun to take a moment to talk about some of the other lessons I have learned over the past decade and a half. In no particular order….

DISCLOSURE: This is just one of my rants, there will be spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Sorry ahead of time. And I also always look as put together as the photo above… always. As exampled by the photos below.

Everyone has a story – no matter who you are there is a series of events that got you to where you are at this very moment. Some people have stories that are made for TV some have very modest stories. It is important to remember that you don’t always know all of it.

Everyone is awesome at something – there have been so many moments that someone has surprised me. Speaking solely in the scope of exercise and such, some people have no clue just what they’re good at. Sometimes you need to expose them to different things and all of a sudden it clicks. Just cause you could never see yourself doing something doesn’t mean you’re bad it.

Everyone sucks at something – eating humble pie is an important part of development, both physical and emotional. There are some people who when you look at them you assume they will easily conquer anything you throw at them. This isn’t the case, sometimes it takes a little investigation but it is there and can be found. Sucking at something is the first step at being great at something.

Everyone farts – this one came at the expense of my nostrils. Having grown up playing sports I was very aware that boys farted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the nostril clearing ability of ladies. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about but I think we can safely drop the myth that girls don’t do that.

Everyone is self-conscious – some hide it better than others. But I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a few things they try to keep in the shadows. Maybe it’s their farts, and maybe the last point has now made them self-conscious, but please don’t feel that way. All jokes aside you’re not alone if there’s something you think everyone notices, in reality, no one cares. At least that’s my experience.

Everyone can succeed – success isn’t a special formula that only the successful know about. This is actually probably my biggest take-away from my last fifteen years. Being successful doesn’t mean you’re keeping up or surpassing the person next to you, it means you’re making improvements and positive steps towards where you want to be. Most importantly, everyone measures success differently don’t sweat it if you’re not reaching the level someone else set for themselves, that’s their measure not yours.

Everyone has tough spots – anyone worth knowing has had some stress in life. This has shaped them to be interesting people. Interesting comes at a cost, you can’t expect everyone to be a happy person 24/7 sometimes you have to accept that people don’t want to be where they are.

Not everyone puts their weights away – I imagine these people have bedrooms covered in socks and old undies. Some of these people just don’t clean up after themselves, and this leads to another ‘sub-lesson’ if you will. There are people who can’t stand weights that aren’t put away properly.

Everyone can be active – this doesn’t mean you have to follow the herd. Just because you see people doing something that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to be active. Let’s say you see people jogging in your neighborhood, you can choose to do something different that you might enjoy, say, hiking. An activity can and should be relative to your interests.

Everyone has different goals – how boring would it be if everyone had the exact same goals? Bleh, it would make for the most boring day ever. Thankfully that’s not the case. People will surprise you with their goals. For some, it’s fitting into an old pair of pants, for some it’s about feeling good in their own skin, for some, it’s about completing a goal. The important point here is to not assume, get to understand what makes someone tick and what drives them.

Not everyone has support outside of the gym – this one was a hard one to swallow. It has happened many times where you find out that a person’s support group (family and friends) aren’t onboard them trying to better themselves. I can’t begin to imagine how challenging that would be. Having a community that is like-minded and also invested in your success is so important. If a person doesn’t have that, we step in and become that community and welcome anyone who wants to be part of it.

Everyone is beautiful – look long enough and you will find something beautiful about everyone you ever come across. Granted some people make it really hard to see it because they can also be an ass, but there has to be something positive just look for it. Understanding someone’s origin story so to speak usually helps bring that beauty to the surface.

Everyone cries – this is very much the truth, I have seen people who you would never expect to shed a tear, absolutely crippled with joy or disappear. There are a few guys reading this who are probably shitting themselves wondering why I have singled them out, the truth is there are many guys who have cried. More often than not they are happy tears and tears of disbelief that they accomplished something they thought was so far away. Respect the emotional toll life can take on people.

Not everyone realizes their successes – ‘Is that good?’ is heard all the time. The answer is yes it is. This comes back to not everyone measures success the same way. Nor should you. Just because you’re not as far along as the person next to you doesn’t mean you’re failing. With many things in life, progress is synonymous with success.

Everyone is awesome – ok there are some obvious outliers, some people are just dinks. But as a whole people are awesome, give someone the opportunity to showcase their awesomeness and more often than not they will rise up to the challenge.

Hey if you made it this far you must also be awesome. I appreciate you taking a moment to read my rant. I really just felt like writing today, so here it is, with minimal proof-reading and forethought. Consider it a brief look into my mind, just normally there isn’t this much focus… hey look something shiny.