Hard Work Generates Results

Let’s face it if you haven’t been to a gym before you might assume it’s a bunch of over-muscled cliques who are upset that you’re on their turf. Nothing could be further from the truth at Aspire Fitness. From day one we have prided ourselves on being a safe, fun environment that you can succeed in. Plain and simple.

Never the less it is easy to feel that way, which is why I am so excited about our Welcome to the Gym program. The idea is simple, a super small group for newcomers to the gym. Already been to a gym but curious about Aspire, great come and join us. The workouts are short and for a beginner level. Nothing too complicated, just some simple movements to get you used to the gym, lift some dumbbells, maybe do some core work. We will give you a little taste of what being at a gym is all about. So next time you’re in a gym you will have the knowledge to help someone start their fitness journey and show them that it’s actually not that scary and can be a fun inviting place.

This is free for everyone new to Aspire Fitness, no obligation to buy anything. In fact, I will get the sales pitch out of the way right now, we love being people’s first step into health and wellness and would like to extend a 10% discount for your first month if you choose to sign up with us. We will gladly answer questions for you at the Welcome to the Gym class but it’s not about high-pressure sales it’s about you feeling safe in an environment you can reach your goals.