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BeStrong – Fall 2019


BeStrong @ Life

Women in the fall BeStrong cohort we are looking forward to partnering with you in our upcoming Red Chair BeStrong program! Here is a bit of info for you. Please review prior to our first Group Workout and Information Session on Monday, September 9th at 7:00 – 9:00 pm. If you have any questions before then, please reach out.


This is a goal-based program. While it may seem obvious, neuroscientist researchers are coming to see that the simple act of thinking and focusing on almost anything, means you are more likely to take action in that direction. (S. Shomstein)

To set your intentions for this 14 week program, you will be asked to identify at least one goal for your health and well-being and at least one goal for your professional growth. You will likely have smaller goals throughout the program that contribute to achieving your ‘bigger’ goals.

You will discuss and clarify your health and well-being goal with Jason who will coach you to achieve that goal and discuss and clarify your professional goal with Shannon who will coach you to achieve it.

You will be encouraged to share your goals with the group so that we can support, challenge and encourage one another over the 14 weeks.

BeStrong @ Work

Following each of the Group Workouts, we will have a Red Chair session. Being in our Red Chair is about being in a safe space to

  • Reflect with Purpose
  • Engage with Presence so you can
  • Drive with Clarity

When we are in our Red Chairs, we are Curious, Honest, Authentic, Introspective and Respectful.

Prior to each Red Chair session, you will complete a self-assessment based on the program outcomes. 

  • Better emotional health
  • Better physical health
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased confidence 
  • Increased risk-taking
  • Increased ability to manage stress 
  • Having fun and feeling joy
  • Feeling great in your skin

When we are in our Red Chairs, we will share our experiences over the past two weeks and how we feel we are doing towards our goals and the program outcomes. You will be encouraged to share what’s working, what’s not working, something you learned about yourself, or whatever you feel you need or want to bring to the group. 

Total SDI

The Total SDI Personal Strengths Inventory and the SDI Strengths Portrait will provide insight to your motivations, how you manage conflict and how you use different strengths. You will receive a link after September 9th and will complete the online Inventory and Strengths Portrait within the first two weeks. 

Shannon will meet with you in Week 3 to review your Reports and to discuss your professional goal(s). Everyone will receive a Values and Purpose exercise to complete prior to the second coaching session. Each coaching session will end with at least one action item and possible ‘homework’ to help you move forward with your goal.

BeStrong @ The Gym

We are extremely excited to be in your corner and work with you in achieving your goals. We have a long history of working with many different types of people and guiding them to success. 

What to expect

The workouts in BeStrong will progressively become more intense. You will always be training hard and pushing yourself to new levels with each workout. This is how we can achieve such impressive results in only 12 weeks. You will have 4 workouts/week at Aspire Fitness. Time management is the key to success in this program. 


The workouts are to be scheduled beforehand, either by calling, emailing or telling us in person. This helps us ensure we will have the proper equipment available when you’re working out. We appreciate at least 24 hours cancellation notice, if a workout is missed we will come back to it at the end of the program time permitting. All workouts to be done by the end of week 14.


Accountability is key to your success in the program. We will be testing your body composition every two weeks, through three different means. Performing three tests allows us some objectivity in the results. It is possible that one test may not show a positive result, yet the others do. This is where our experience helps with interpreting your results. The testing only takes a few minutes and the progress it shows will keep you motivated to stay on track.

Meal Plan

The meal plan for BeStrong follows the rules of a Paleo diet. The concept is very simple, “eat like a caveman.” Now what does that mean? In the most basic form it means you do not eat anything processed. No gimmicks, just common sense. Ask yourself the question: “Can I grow it or hunt it?” If the answer is yes, then it is Paleo.

Why Does Paleo Work?

We are bombarded with infomercials and ads about fad diets and miracle pills that will help you lose weight. For whatever reason, nobody has looked at what worked in the past. Take a look at our ancestors, think “way back in time living in a cave” type of ancestor. There were no special weight loss pills or miracle shakes, they ate what they could hunt and what they could gather. By choosing Paleo sources of food, we eliminate over-processed foods (or Franken-foods), this allows your body to do what it does best and keep you healthy.

No More Counting Calories

Not all calories are created equally, and because of this we don’t count calories. We are more concerned with portion size, but most importantly food sources. Think about it, if you have a 2,000kcal/day diet you could have four meals with a balance of lean proteins and vegetables or you could have 4 Big Macs from McDonalds. Common sense would dictate that the latter choice is inferior to the balanced diet.

Portion control is key to eating Paleo. The way we do this is by visualizing portions the size of your palm and your thumb. We will start with 4 meals/day (this might change as we progress), with each meal having a palm sized portion of protein, a palm sized portion of fruits/vegetables and a thumb size of fats. The one stipulation with the program is that we will limit fruits to the first part of the day. Paleo is that simple. You can literally count the rules on your hand. No gimmicks, just real food.

Flexibility of Paleo

Paleo has gained popularity with us because of its flexibility. Not only is it unrealistic to eat all of your meals out of a Tupperware container, it’s also unfair. The biggest factor to success with a diet is its flexibility. Paleo allows you to still eat with your family or go out with friends. If you can follow the two palms and a thumb rule you are able to go out for dinners, and you are able to have nice family meals.