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Stepping in to Aspire Fitness…..

Three years ago, my daughter and I decided we wanted to get into shape and discussed gyms, fitness programs and bootcamps.  We did some research and were still uncertain what route to go when she mentioned Aspire Fitness – she had taken a bootcamp at Aspire when training for her high school basketball team.  I also knew of it as a niece did a P2P program there a few years back. It seemed like a logical place to check out; she was familiar with the staff there and it was on my daily drive home from work.  After meeting with Jason, I took the first big step and signed up for Custom Fit.

I was a little uncertain a few days later, walking in to Aspire for my very first workout, but appreciated the fact it was a private facility and not overrun with people, so no one should really be paying attention to me.  I was intimidated looking at my workout on the board and pretty much ignorant of what most of it meant. Being a perfectionist, I prefer to go unnoticed, so it took a bit to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to get it all right for a while, nor remember everything.  Once I realized that the trainers were going to ensure I learned how to do everything correctly even if they had to give me daily repetitive instructions, with of course butt kicking encouragement, I began to relax. It didn’t take long to get into a routine, learn the workouts and form the habit.  Aspire became my workout comfort zone – a facility with terrific staff and members who not only workout together but enjoy each others company.

What was your first impression after doing your first P2P workout?

I knew going in to P2P, that it was going to be challenging.  I had been listening and watching members for the last two years, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started the first workout to learn that I wasn’t entirely lost.  Having done Custom Fit prepared me physically and a lot was familiar, with the biggest difference being that there was a WHOLE LOT more reps. I understood I was facing a greater time commitment, more structure that included homework and a suggested eating plan, but I felt prepared.

What were your impressions of the program when you finally finished all the workouts?

When I finished, I looked back at the time, effort and commitment it took to complete the program – it wasn’t absurd and the results were so worth it! It seemed to have gone by faster than I anticipated and I think the biweekly assessments allowed for smaller goals to target for and for me, it helped to stay focussed to the end result.  The goal of becoming healthier and tracking the journey with the staff and other members was rewarding. Everyone was encouraging and always interested in how I was doing. It was an added boost to compare notes, discuss recipes and share accomplishments and compliments.

What is life like after you completed the program? Did you make positive changes in your food, your activity levels, your overall feeling of well being?

I am continuing to keep my fitness and health at the forefront as much as possible – there are still the lazy days and the odd “screw it, I’m eating a bag of chips”, or enjoying a few glasses of wine – keeping the mentality of “everything in moderation”!  Realizing that I can complete a program like P2P has not only helped me physically, but mentally as well – the mental side is often what causes hesitation for me, because I hate failure. I’m proud of myself that I’ve accomplished this after thinking I didn’t have the stamina to commit to the workout schedule nor the ability to adjust my eating habits.  I’ve proven otherwise and more importantly it wasn’t as difficult as I feared and I’m healthier for it! I pay more attention to the foods I eat and actually have found that eating Paleo (90% of the time), combined with Intermittent Fasting, isn’t that difficult and there are some terrific recipes online. Most of my baking is now Paleo and I’ve been known to use some of the Aspire staff as guinea pigs.  Since being at Aspire, I can certainly say I have more energy, sleep better, in general just feel better. And now of course, the fact that I can wear some of my old clothes again puts a smile on my face daily.

What keeps you coming back to do P2P or G2G again?

I feel pretty confident that I will do another P2P in the future.  The hard part was taking the step to sign up the first time. I’m sometimes asked why I continue to go to Aspire since I should be able to work out on my own now.  I need and enjoy the accountability – someone to answer to that will watch, correct and encourage. I crave the structure and make the effort to complete every set and every rep, no matter how tired I am or how much harder one day seems over another.  I thoroughly enjoy the staff and members and knowing that we are all there for the same purpose is like a family atmosphere – lots of laughs, jabs and whining!

I have recommended this program to current members who are on the fence like I was about signing up.  I’ve also told friends and family about the facility and the programs. I think a lot of us are more capable than we realize.  It just takes that first step to form the habit and make it a good one to run with. I think anyone looking for a fitness program owes it to themselves to add Aspire Fitness to their list!