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Grit to Glory | Cory

December 11, 2018
Hair: Bee-YOU-Tee Factory
Photopgraphy: Kelly Morton Photography

Grit to Glory
Success Stories

What was your first impressions after doing your first workout?

My first workout at Aspire was intimidating as I was not in shape and I had never been to a “private” facility before. But the fear slowly dissipated as that first workout progressed as I started to understand that the staff at Aspire were there for me, to help me achieve my goals. They weren’t there to put in time or for anything other than helping me step out of my comfort zone and start me on my fitness journey. My first, and lasting, impression of Aspire since that day has been the same – an amazing little place with an amazing “vibe” that permeates from the staff and through all the members!

What were your impression of the program when you finally finished all the workouts?

These programs are not easy, let’s not sugar coat things. They take dedication, effort, motivation, and commitment. The programs are incredible and assist in everything that you want from a fitness program – strength, conditioning, cardio, diet, lifestyle, etc. Upon completion I felt an overwhelming sense of pride that I did it! I actually completed this kick-ass fitness program that seemed so daunting at the start! And to top it off, I met some new friends along the way that were also on their fitness journey just like I was.

What is life like after you complete the program? Did you make positive changes in your food, your activity levels, your overall feeling of well being?

These programs teach you so much about health, fitness, diet, nutrition, commitment…but also teach you MORE about yourself. After completion you realize “I’ve got this! I can do anything I set my mind to!” When you put so much effort into something, the last thing you want to do is see it all disappear, so for me this has shaped my lifestyle moving forward. My life will always consist of fitness, healthy diet, and as much physical activity as possible. Call me addicted!

What keeps you coming back to do P2P or G2G again?

I’ve now done G2G two times. When people ask me why I went back, the one reason I always tell them is “the discipline”… I crave the discipline required to complete such a program! Sure, we can all work out on our own when the time is right, but are you really going to push yourself that hard? Will you do those 3 sets of “Fight Gone Bad” or the 10 lengths of “Bear Crawl” on your own? There is just something special about that commitment required when you are fully invested into a dedicated program such as this. You know your progress is being watched and monitored, you know you have measurements coming up, and of course let’s not forget that photo shoot date racing towards you… All of these things spark that extra commitment, that “discipline” that pushes you that extra mile! I love it!