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Clothing Swap

How it works:

Choose items that you love, but no longer wear from your wardrobe. There will be a table for kids clothes, and a table for women’s clothes. Don’t forget shoes, purses, and jewelry, which will have their own table.

We will have small, med, large tables set up. When you get in, set up your items. Then, take a browse around to see if there is anything you might like. Change rooms available!

You may take up to 2 less than the amount of items you donated….to ensure there is a nice pile left for the North End Women’s Center. Or- come for the wine, take nothing at all!

We will be using Oprah’s “rules” as posted below. Last clothing drive, we had a full vehicle load to go to the shelter. It would be great if we could double it!!

Since everything is better with snacks, feel free to bring your favorite paleo snack to share.

Oprah’s rules of Clothing Swap:

  1. Include friends of all sizes and shapes—and don’t leave out your pregnant friends who could be looking for larger items. Because some pieces can be easily adapted to fit various figures by adding a belt, have one on hand the day of so that guests can see if cinching a roomy top or dress will make it work for them.
  2. Host your swap at the end of the season when people are more likely to be cleaning out their closets and looking for new pieces to freshen up their wardrobes.
  3. Note a minimum and maximum number of items each person should bring, especially if you do choose to open up the guest list. This ensures there are plenty of quality things to trade but not so much stuff that it becomes overwhelming for you or your friends. And encourage everyone to bring any unwanted clothing, regardless of the weather outside.
  4. Only things in good condition (washed and ironed) should be welcome.
  5. Add accessories to the mix (like gently worn shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves and unopened beauty products). This will ensure that everyone—regardless of size—can find something that fits.
  6. Request that each guest bring a snack to share . Non-greasy finger foods—like fresh veggies and fruit—allow your friends to keep one hand free while they shop, and won’t leave stains or spills on the clothes (or your carpet).
  7. Eliminate clutter (like stacks of magazines or breakable items that could accidentally get knocked over by aggressive shoppers) and group like items together in different areas. For example, put pants in one corner and tops in another. Hang up dresses and jackets on a garment rack or curtain rod, neatly fold sweaters and trousers, and organize jewelry on a table to make the merchandise look more appealing. And set up an off-limits area so that guests don’t mistakenly take things others want to keep. “Once a friend lost her shirt—literally!” says Stephens.
  8. Designate one room for changing and have at least two full-length mirrors available
  9. When hosting a large group, set a few ground rules to keep the swapping process sane. Draw straws and take turns shopping, limiting each person to five minutes and one item per round to keep things moving. If two friends have their eye on the same thing, have a model-off and let the group decide who wears it best, says Stephens. If you’re afraid of hurt feelings, flip a coin instead.
  10. Use a swap as an opportunity to take fashion risks. If you’ve always wanted to wear a high-waisted skirt or a geometric print, but haven’t wanted to make the investment, now is your time to road test the look—for free. If it doesn’t work out, trade it in at the next party.
  11. Ask friends to put everything (including handbags and shoes) in the dryer on high heat (at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10 to 20 minutes before coming over. .