Hard Work Generates Results

I have been asked by a few people what’s the story with Chantelle. So I figured I would just do a little blog post, with her permission of course.

When I first met Chantelle I was immediately drawn to her no-bullshit attitude towards her goals. She came in and was very clear she wanted to do the fire/paramedic half and post a personal best. And since that’s what we do wheelchair or not, I jumped all over the opportunity to help her crush her goal.

The day of her first workout, I was excited. All day I was daydreaming about the best way to achieve her goals. I put together a beautiful workout, complete with chair sprints and everything. She showed up without her chair, something she told me she always had in her car. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t upset about that. And her workout reflected that… rower sprints instead. There was a moment I started to feel bad, it was around the time her face started to match our red floor. I asked how she was doing, her response “great but I’m out of shape”. Perfect! Someone not afraid of work.

I quickly learned a few things;

  • Chantelle doesn’t like pity
  • She has a wicked sense of humour
  • When Chantelle is in the gym no one complains about their sore legs
  • She is an athlete and goes hard.

It was a couple of workouts in that I noticed the tattoo on her arm. Actually, I can remember looking at it and thinking how powerful that is, cerebral palsy or not that is an incredible statement. No matter what you apply that to, it holds so much weight. That got me thinking, there are so many people out there that need to adopt that motto. Even I have found myself thinking that when I look at how far the finish line for a goal might be.

I’m going to blog about Chantelle while we get her ready for her half marathon, not because she’s in a wheelchair but because she’s a badass. So let’s take a page from Chantelle’s book and look at obstacles we have in our life, not as insurmountable obstacles but as something to take on and conquer. I invite you to post that goal with the hashtag #actuallyican and let the world know that you’re about to do some epic shit.

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