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Grit to Glory | Trent

June 20th, 2018
Photography: Kelly Morton Photography

Grit to Glory
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A little bit about Trent

Occupation Hotel General Manager
Age 51

What was your first impressions after doing your first workout? Very positive, the trainers were very helpful in showing how to do the training correctly is a friendly positive way, the people in the fitness center were all helpful and friendly. I was worried about being intimidated being in my 50’s going to a gym, but found there was people like me wanting to make changes to live a healthier / happier life.

What were your impression of the program when you finally finished all the workouts? I was amazed at the transformation, We set goals and I achieved them.

What is life like after you complete the program? My energy level changed, my strength which I had 0 improved to give me confidence in how I feel. I found my self more willing to try new foods, healthy foods and learning how to eat better.