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Challenges, Changes and Cheers – Week 7 Progress/Measurements

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Alright – so my max push-ups in a minute has increased significantly – from 17 in week 1 to 33 in week 7! This makes me super happy! My explosive push-up are getting better – still looking for a bit of improvement – but not nearly as much on the pistol squats. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit discouraged that I’ll be able to do these at the end of the program, although I will keep working on them! Overall, I’m happy with my physical ability progress.

One thing I’ve learned is that you can have set backs with this program – especially if you go off track – as I did in weeks 4 & 5. I was really hoping for some decent results and they definitely came back very mixed.

Weight: -1.3 lbs
Jackson/Polluck: +7 mm
C/W/H Measurements: -6 cm

Absolutely awesome that my measurements are down – most came from my waist and hips which is great. Weight also down a bit – I’m extremely happy with the weight I’m at. Now for the elephant in the room, the measurement test I’ve been focusing my progress on the most – went up more then I was done in the last check in. Super frustrated and upset with these numbers. Really, could I have expected any better getting that far off track in the previous weeks? You can’t fix that in one week. Other than being so disappointed, what can I really do about it? I can’t change the past so I’m going to have to focus in and continue on track for coming weeks if I want to achieve results. As crappy as I feel that I went backwards and am feeling defeated, I can’t give up.

Plan for this week is to be positive, get my rest, work hard at the gym and ensure I’ve got the right paleo snacks when and wherever I need them – planning ahead.