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Challenge, Changes and Cheers – P2P Week 6 Reset

Change and Cheers
Pushups to Pinups
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Feels: SO GOOD! A successful reset for week 6! I’m so happy with myself to get back on track with meals and exercise! I may not feel like I’ve made drastic changes in my body, but I do feel better about myself and I’m feeling more energized. Although, I am quite hard on myself sometimes, I’m still feeling very disappointing with myself that I was so far off track for weeks 4 and 5. Really makes me think where I could be today if I didn’t have to do all that travelling and was able to stay on track. I guess I’ll never know. But it is hard not to beat myself up about it. Trying to use this as ambition to seriously ‘kick butt’ in my workouts and stick the paleo diet. This week I’ve felt really great even putting in that much more work with workouts and homework.

Things I’ve learnt:

  • can’t always be 100%
  • move forward and keep a positive attitude
  • pick your battles with what you’re eating
  • cardio makes me feel so good! (okay, I already knew this but it felt so good getting my homework in!)
  • Larabars are a savior for paleo snacks on the go ( I love the Peanut Butter flavour – even though peanuts are not paleo)
  • hip thrusters = booty, booty, booty
  • your body is amazing, after one week back on track I feel way better.
  • friends and family’s support are so important on this journey.

Things I’ve learnt: