Hard Work Generates Results

Week 8 – I completely missed making a video for this week – oops! – but here’s a recap! I was gone to Saskatoon for meetings for most of the week, came back and had a lot of work to keep up on! While I was away, I was actually quite good at sticking to my paleo plan – most meals I was able to order off the menu which meant steak and chicken/fish salads! My water intake was also 3-4 liters/day, however I enjoyed a few glasses of red wine(my favourite) and a couple vodka sodas – and I’m not even upset about it. I was only able to get 3 workouts in which is a good thing I planned to get 5 in the week before to stay on track.

Week 9 – ‘Bonkers!’ ‘What my momma taught me’ Yes, those came out of my mouth. Time to move on – simply looking back at the past 9 weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that as much as I want to stay on track, my lifestyle won’t allow me to be paleo all the time. I’ve had a great chat with one of the trainers at Aspire Fitness about this, (Seriously, I have been able to talk to them about my frustrations and successes – they all are very encouraging, want to help and give advice along my journey) and have come to the conclusion that I have been making the ‘best’ food choices that have put me in a position without a paleo option. Making the ‘best’ choices has had to become apart of my journey and when I’m done this program – I’m planning on keeping up with my best choice practices. Everyone is able to adapt to different things at different times in their life and for me healthy choices are the way I need to continue on with.

Massage – I’ve been going about every 3 weeks (wishing more often) throughout this program trying to keep my muscles in top notch shape! I’ve found them to be very effective and help with muscle recovery. I can’t say I’ve ever worked my muscles as hard as I have in this program. Rolling is effective but sometimes you just need a good massage. My masseuse has found knots in my back and legs that I would have likely never worked out. In the past I have suffered from lower back pain, and turned to stretching and massage to keep my hip flexors from tightening up and lower back free of any knots. By keeping this up I haven’t had any problems during this program – which is why I think massage is so important.