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Challenge, Change and Cheers – P2P Week 5 Failure

Change and Cheers
Pushups to Pinups

Absolutely feeling defeated. Life happens, I get it – but this was week #2 off the wagon. Realistically this week I was only off track for a couple days…but it feels like a lot more due to the 4ish days from week 4. I’ve been really negative on myself for going backwards when I feel like I really haven’t moved that far forwards in total. I’m in a pretty good mood in the video because I was back on track on the weekend and felt like my body almost got back to ‘normal’. Crazy what our bodies can do when we eat well, train well, and get some well needed zzz’s! I don’t think I’m quite over the fact that I had so many ‘bad’ days over the past couple weeks, but I’m really trying to stay positive.

Mood – holy doodle! With my diet and exercise being all over the map recently I think it’s really set my body into ‘what the heck is going on’ mode. I have to say my mood has had some decent sized swings, and I’ve been running very low on energy in the evenings. I’m blaming this on not getting proper nutrition and good night sleeps – I guess this is payback for not staying on track.

Week 6 is going to consist of meal prep, getting good sleep, water intake and that’s right kicking but at the gym! Here’s to the start of a new week and a fresh, positive attitude.