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Challenge, Change and Cheers – P2P Week 4


Week 4 – Not a great week for me – Trying to stay on track with Paleo was a difficult task being away from home and on the road for the majority of the week – Mon-Thurs. It would be absolutely awesome if paleo snack bars existed in every gas station – fact is they don’t. Tough to have an unprocessed bar, and let’s be honest who trusts the fruit supplied in the few gas stations that offer them? Anyways, this week has been super frustration because I want to stay on track but simply can’t pack a lunch and take with me to last that many days. sigh. When I’m on the road, time is pressed and I don’t have a lot of options to stop at many local grocery stores either. I managed to get my workouts in at the gym and am going to try to refocus for week 5 to get back on track.

After not maintaining paleo, I can absolutely tell that I’ve got bloated and simply don’t feel as great. For me, I know that eating fresh fruits, vegetables and meats make me feel the best and have the least bloating and fatigue. Even after larger meals – I don’t feel like I need to take a nap. I have to say that between my first P2P program and this one, my diet had changed and I based what I ate on the paleo diet. Learning what meals and snacks should consist of in the first P2P has really changed how I eat. For me I look at this program as more of a lifestyle change than a diet or quick fix. Yes, I am a lot stricter while I’m on the program, but when it comes to my ‘normal’ life I have enough of these days where it feels impossible to stay on track. I’m really okay with that as long as I’m trying to make the most healthy choices. Life happens.