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Challenge, Change and Cheers – Week 2 P2P Update

Change and Cheers
Pushups to Pinups

Week 2 is done! Woohoo! Eight workouts at Aspire Fitness, homework and eating paleo. As I mentioned in the video, week one went great, start of week two I ran into lack of energy to get through my Monday evening workout – but I pushed through it. I’m also going to let you know that my body has been exhausted on and off since the start. Because this is my second time doing P2P, I’ve been able to mentally prepare a bit better. I’ve been focusing on getting enough sleep, water, rolling my muscles and having snacks pre-made to ensure this round goes even better!

I’ve been putting an effort into getting to bed earlier to make sure I get enough sleep at night. My body is exerting much more energy than it was prior to P2P – it needs time to rest and recovery. Generally, my body has been telling me when to go to bed- one night I was in bed by 9:30 which was quite early for me. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been getting much better sleep at night -not that I’ve had issues with sleeping in the past but I’m sleeping through the night and waking up rested and ready for the day! I also think getting enough sleep helps me keep a positive attitude – which I think is key for this program. My tip here is to be aware of how much sleep you are getting, how it makes you feel and adjust accordingly.

I’ve always been big on trying to get enough water in a day. Before P2P, I would normally drink about 3 Liters of water…now I’m drinking at least 4L/day – some days it’s up to 5 or 6L. I find getting enough water is also really important in feeling good and staying hydrated of course. I need to stay hydrated with the amount of exercise and energy I’m exerting. Staying on top of my water intake ensure my body can perform at it’s highest level. My tip – use a water bottle you know the capacity of and drink water first thing in the morning – I’ve been drinking 750ml-1L water before I eat or have my coffee in the morning.

Muscle Stiffness.
The first couple weeks of my first round of P2P I remember being REALLY stiff, this round I haven’t been quite that sore yet. I’d say it’s likely because I came from the CustomFit program and was more active beforehand. That being said – I’m still prepared for some really sore muscles yet. Right now my hamstrings and calves have been pretty sore – calves being the worst. When I stand up from sitting down after a while it hurts to stand up straight. Sigh. I’ve been foam rolling when I have the chance and think this is helping my muscles recovery. Since I’ve added foam rolling at home to my routine I’ve found my muscles seem to recovery quicker and the pain is lessened sooner. My tip – use a foam roller – frequently when necessary.

Meal Prep.
I’m not organized enough to make meals for the whole week on Sunday. My work often has me eating out which makes it difficult to plan for. When I’m out for lunch, most restaurants have a salad and chicken option and that’s made it easy to stay on track. One of the biggest things I’ve found is that if I want to stay on track with paleo – I need to have the right food handy and accessible. Sunday I sit down and plan for my suppers throughout the week and what to have around for snacks. I’ve found I need to plan for a protein/meat source for suppers throughout the week and the sides just happen. Knowing what my base is makes it easy to plan the rest of the meal. Veggies have become so easy to have portion sized and ready to go when you get hungry – Cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and broccoli have been my go tos for the past couple weeks. Having grab and go snacks will help keep me on track. My tip – be prepared and have necessary food readily available.

Stay Positive!