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Challenge, Change and Cheers – Measuring Progress

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Before my first workout, I had my initial meeting with Jason for the Push-Ups to Pin-ups program. We chatted for a minute, he could clearly see how excited I was to get started, we then got right into the measurements. Jason has always been good about not making it uncomfortable taking any of these metrics. He takes 3 different tests – one being on the scale, one measuring skin folds? (I’m not even sure how to explain this but it’s the Jackson/Pollock Test) and the other being simple chest, waist and hip measurements.

As far as my body goals go, when I initially walked in for the first round I told Jason I wanted to lose about 20 lbs. He looked at me with a funny look and asked me if there was anything else that I wanted to achieve. I had to think – well yeah I’d love to be able to do non-modified push-ups and I’d love to be able to do a pull up. So we went from there. This time I’ve learnt my lesson – it’s not necessarily what’s on the scale but how you feel and for me having a pep in my step. I’m not saying I don’t have a measurements goal and don’t ever care about weight. What I do care about is that my body composition is healthy, and right now the BIA scale measured me at 29.5% body fat. This seemed a little high because when I started the first round I was 30% but also 9lbs heavier. Many factors can change where some of these tests will measure you at – water and food intake, alcohol etc. Whether the test was 100% accurate or if I am just trying to make excuses for myself I’m not going to beat myself up about it because at the end of the day – it is just a number. I was feeling good about myself when I walked into that meeting and good when I left – it was just a wake-up call to make smarter diet choices. My goal is to be 25% body fat near the end of this program – my long-term goal is to maintain this number.

I also found it interesting (because yes I do weigh myself at home) that between the time I decided to start P2P and when I got ‘measured up’ I dropped about 4 lbs. My best guess is that I was a lot more conscious with what I was eating and drinking – a lot less garbage.

Enough about weight and body fat – I’ve got some bigger goals to try to reach – Fitness/Strength Goals!

If you haven’t already watched the video – check it out now – and yes, it’s okay to laugh – I’ll get better at them….I hope! These goals are listed below:

1- Max Push-ups in 1 Minute – I can do 17. Better than I thought I would be able to do, but there is still lots of room for improvement. I’m aiming to be able to be able to do 40 – more than double! Jason thinks I should aim to hit 55 push-ups in a minute – right now that seems impossible…but I do like a challenge!
2- An Explosive Push-up – in my video you can see my form is not great, and I wasn’t able to throw my hands/arms up. I’m hoping as I get stronger that when I try these again it looks way better!
3- Pistol Squats – a one legged squat to the ground with your other leg straight forward. I could barely get down without falling over let alone getting back up! These will be a big challenge to be able to do!

Now that you know where I’m starting at with my goals, I hope it entices you to think about coming up with your own!