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Push-Ups to Pinups… see what you can gain!

Food for thought
Pushups to Pinups

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m sitting in the office finishing up for the day, my phone keeps buzzing with likes of all the Facebook and Instagram posts I put up today. I don’t mind that my battery life is horrible from the constant buzzing. It’s worth it.

I’m going to take a moment to address a question that I get asked all the time, “how much do people typically lose?”. It never fails, at least once a week I’m answering this question along with other questions surrounding Push-Ups to Pinups and our other programs. Those who know me know that I typically like to have a smart-ass answer in the chamber ready to go, but this question has always caught me off guard. Never really knew how to answer it… until now.

The verdict comes from Kim K, who just recently finished her second Push-Ups to Pinups. We were sitting down after a shoot enjoying some food and Kim said: “I don’t want to lose what I gained”. Slightly different from what we typically hear “I don’t want to gain what I lost”.  A very simple difference, but for some reason, it just hit my ears in a way that made me think about it over and over and over. The drive home that night I kept thinking about it, why did that sound so good to me? But there was my answer to that nagging question, “How much do people typically lose?”, well, the answer is simple. I don’t know and don’t really care that much, but I can tell you what they gain. They gain the confidence to stand up tall and be proud of their accomplishments. They gain the love of a mirror. They gain the courage to take on new challenges. They gain the resolve to take their health into their own hands and move forward.

That simple shifting of the way we think can be a game changer. So I challenge everyone to quit making goals about losing, make goals about gaining. Make today the day you start gaining and forget about losing.