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Kirbyson’s Korner – Sunflower Seeds

Kirbyson's Korner

You know how there are foods you’re pretty sure aren’t good for you but you don’t want to check the nutritional information just in case your hunch is right?
That’s me and sunflower seeds – the flavoured ones.
I’m addicted to them. Like, totally, super-duper, can’t-stop-once-I-start addicted. I should be going to meetings.
I look forward to coaching my son, Alex’s, baseball team every spring because it means I can crack open a bag of seeds and do my best chipmunk impersonation for the next few months.
Most of the parents and other coaches munch on the various flavours, too, so if I ever run out, I can always get a quick fix. (I draw the line at Dill Pickle, though. Gross.)
I figured the salt and whatever else that gets put on them wasn’t great but how bad could it be, right? It’s not like the base food was onion rings or Goog Specials from the Bridge Drive-Inn.
I didn’t give it much thought until I went for my first weigh-in, three weeks after starting round two of Grit To Glory. I was down five pounds and one inch around my waist. WAHOO!
But then Jay noted my fat caliper readings had gone up marginally.
He asked me if I had eaten any salt or sodium in the last few days.
I admitted I drank a pair of light beers the night before after playing tennis.
“That could do it,” he said.
Okay, no big deal, he assured me. What your body has consumed recently can often sway the readings a little.
Then when I got home, I realized I should have come clean about my sunflower seed problem…er, consumption. I checked the back of one of the many bags of Old Dutch sunflower seeds in my pantry.
For every one-third of a cup, or 30 grams of sunflower seeds, there are 200 calories, 16 grams of fat and 440 milligrams of sodium.
One-third of a cup? That’s one mouthful and I go through that just walking from my car to the field.
Also, I, um, average one bag per game and our team has two to three games per week.
That’s 297 grams a night so, roughly 2,000 calories, 160 grams of fat and more than 4,000 milligrams of sodium. I don’t want to do the math on a whole week, including practices.
I thought it was just Big Macs that had numbers like that.
I don’t need the salt or seasoning, I just crave something to chomp on during baseball games. So, it’s off to Bulk Barn to pick up salt-free sunflower seeds.
Other than that, though, my first three weeks have gone well. I’m averaging more than five workouts at Aspire per week but I’m slacking on the home work. Now that I’ve gotten into a bit of a groove with meals and gym time, I need to focus on these mini-workouts at home to make sure I’m getting the most out of the program.
Luckily, I just took the biggest impediment out of the way.