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Ragnar North West Passage 2016

North West Passage


As we finish up our final preparation for our Thursday departure, where we will be conquering our 2nd Ragnar race. Why? Because we love running.

Follow along with us as I update this post as we pick away at our 36 legs, covering nearly 200miles!

July 14 @ 6:11a

I’m sitting here with 7 of our 12 runners at the airport patiently waiting for breakfast. If the laughs and giggles so far is any indication of what this weekend has in store for us, we are bound to have an incredible time. Not pictured Nikki whom has chosen to be late.

July 14 @ 7:35p (en route)
Well so far it appears that I’m winning this Ragnar trip. Whole isle to myself. I don’t want to sound unappreciative but is it possible I have too much leg room? I would like to ask my teammates bit they are all the way in the back of the plane and I can’t be bothered. Well only 2 hours away from catching up with the rest of our team and then off to Langley to pick up our vans, which will serve as not only transportation but as our kitchen, dinning room and bedroom for the next couple of days. 

July 14th @8:37p (PDT) We have arrived

Unexpectedly we were greeted by McKenzie at the airport, with her luggage in tow. Seems as though McKenzie’s luggage is a very common mode/style, and can be easily mistaken for someone else’s. 

Now reunited with our whole team (and our luggage), we are all crammed into our chariot on our way to Langley where we will divide into two vans and make our way to Blaine, WA. For now we are packed in a small van, at the moment we are still friends. To be continued….

July 14 @ 515p

So van 2 screwed up, the first of many to come. We went to, what we thought was the pre-race check-in, and found no one. Turns out we were about 26 miles north of the party. Fun fact the start line is ridiculously close to the Canadian border. 

July 14 @ 7:30p (pre-race dinner)

As is tradition we are sitting down for our pre-race dinner as a team. This is the last time we will be together till Saturday. It is our last chance to laugh as a whole, and to finalize some last minute strategies. In less than 12 hours we will send van 1 on their way only to see them for a quick exchange. For the next 36+ hours we will be living our lives in a van at the whimn of each others run paces. Best of luck to an incredible group of aspire family members. 

July 15 @ 6:05a (race day)

Yawn…. it’s bright ans early, van 1 has hit the road. Neal goes foot to pavement at 645a eager to start the journey for these 12 incredible people. While van 1 makes their way to the start line, van 2 sleeps. And me sharing a room with the Hills/Kearns I can tell you that van 2 is filled with some very strong sleepers.