Hard Work Generates Results

It’s a question I get asked weekly, “What sort of supplements do you encourage in Push-Ups to Pinups or Grit to Glory?”. The answer–and something I’m very proud to say–is that there are no prescribed supplements in any of our programs. I’m a big believer that you should chew your food, and supplementation should be exactly that supplementing your food-based diet. It is easy to get caught up in the marketing loop of supplements, huge claims about getting “your best results ever” or getting an edge on the competition or maybe you just like getting a free t-shirt. Let’s talk about my position on supplements and the justification of why Aspire Fitness is still a supplement-free gym.

First, let me state I’m not bashing supplements; I use them weekly. For me, supplements are about convenience not about health. I have early mornings and sometimes breakfast just isn’t going to happen, so on those days I have a protein shake. This is the role I see for supplements a way of bridging a nutritional gap that might arise from less than ideal circumstances. It’s this notion which drove the goal of keeping Push-Ups to Pinups and Grit to Glory supplement free. I know there are a few other companies within Canada who promote similar programs as ours, but when you look more closely at their programs they are riddled with supplements. My personal belief is that being healthy is not about dissolving brightly coloured powders into shaker cups or pulling out pill boxes at lunch. To me healthy eating is preparing and cooking fresh, nutrient-rich, unprocessed food full of vitamins and minerals to help build your body back up from exercise. One of the smartest things I’ve ever read regarding the efficacy of Paleo was that we don’t trust our evolutionary path when it comes to nutrition. The gist of it is that people are eager to discover how to eat healthy, ignoring that we have already figured it out. We just have to look to the past.

This is a good time to chat about Paleo and why we chose it as our diet of choice for our programs. First, it’s simple–don’t eat processed food. Sure there are more minute details here and there but for the most part that’s the whole idea. Second, we are about real food. When you do one of our programs you’ll be eating well; delicious meals that aren’t riddled with weird stipulations or any of that nonsense. Third, it’s healthy. Since we’ve adopted Paleo we have heard great comments such as, “My stomach no longer aches after I eat”, “My eczema has cleared up”, and “I feel so good now”. When I hear statements like that I can’t help but feel that we have made the right choice. Now the greatest part and coming back to the idea of this post is that we do all this without supplements. All we encourage is eating healthy food that you can either grow or hunt.

So we choose to keep it natural, ignoring the obvious financial benefit of charging more to have supplements. I know I’ve had conversations with people where they are expecting two separate prices from me, the cost of training and the supplement cost. It blows me away when someone tells me they’re paying upwards of $400 for supplements each month. That’s a lot of money, all in the name of eating healthy.

I’d like to sign off this blog with a list of things to do, in the style of Trainspotting.

Choose to eat healthy.
Choose fresh vegetables.
Choose lean protein.
Choose quality fats.
Choose to be supplement free.
Choose foods you enjoy.
Choose to be healthy.