Hard Work Generates Results

Day 1 – Mexican Arrival

Pushups to Pinups

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It seemed like Saturday just all of a sudden happened, woke up and boom we were leaving for Mexico that day. For myself the day was pretty standard with that little hint of something very exciting at the end of it. Most of my day was spent trying to contain my excitement and pretend that I wasn’t chomping on the bit to get on our way to our Mayan Riviera photo shoot. Just as it started to feel like the end of the day would never arrive Sherri sent out an email informing us that our flight had been delayed three hours. Ok we can handle that. Everyone tried to stay focused on the best part, we’re going to Mexico, who cares if we’re three hours late.

Time to board the plane, not an empty seat aboard. Looks like a lot of Winnipegers had the same idea as us… enjoy the warm hospitality of Mexico. As most flights tend to do this one felt like it took forever. But we finally arrived in Cancun at 1am. Instantly greeted by incredibly friendly airport staff, we made our way through immigration and hopped on a bus towards our resort. A quick 45 minute shuttle. As Teala (one of the Normand spawn) explained her ambitious goals of seeing a giant sea turtle we made our way towards the ocean. Voila we arrived.

Credit goes to the staff at the resort, still very polite and excited to see us even at 3am. By the time we got settled in it was 4am, time for a quick 4 hours before our first beach workout.

It has now become clear that this is a very large resort and couldn’t find all of our crew. Our abbreviated group made our way down to the beach for a sweaty workout. As what normally happens at these things is that it came down to showing off.

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Next on the agenda, hit the pool and relax as for a few lucky mujers and hombres will be in front of a camera tomorrow.