Hard Work Generates Results

We’ll be leaving on a Jet Plane… in 27 days!

Well, it has come down to this. The final month is here and we are ready for it.



So, our last post was a bit of a downer and we were both in a bit of a funk. Tired and hungry are generally not the best motivation to write a blog post. That being said, it was the real deal and we wanted to tell everyone how challenging this program can be at times. The true commitment comes from the way in which we pull through the tough times and persevere. Fast forward to the last two weeks and we can say with certainty that we have moved past the bump in the road. We’re now only a month away and the reality has sunk in that the end is in our sights.

Over the last two weeks, things have really ramped up in the workouts and we’re really staying on point with the diet. These have led to positive changes, and we are both happy with the efforts we have put forth. Physical and mental changes have not only been felt but seen as well.  It doesn’t hurt that we had our Meet and Greet with Jason, Sherri, Kelly Morton and Melissa!  Talking about the beach, what to pack and where Jeff should be waxing is a sure fire way to get this girl excited;]


A big misconception in the health industry is that people should workout or change their diet plans because they hate their bodies.  The health industry makes billions of dollars off of “body shaming”.  It’s truly unfortunate that these negative thoughts are being promoted by an industry dedicated to supposed health and well being.  Now let’s be honest.  We all have things about our body that we wish we could change, or have had times in our lives where being active and healthy weren’t our main priorities.  That’s life.  And that’s how Mckenzie and I wanted to come at these programs. We came wanting a challenge.  Sometimes in order to become better personally, you have to push yourself both physically and mentally in a way you had never thought possible. This is the case for us. Neither of us were hating on our bodies, we were simply looking for a challenge to see what we could accomplish. Pushing ourselves that extra step, taking the diet to another level and making it more of a lifestyle change rather than an immediate drop 20 pounds detox challenge.  We are not saying that once the photoshoot is done Jeff won’t have a beer(who am we kidding?! several) but the eating patterns which we have both created for ourselves will hopefully stay in tact.  That’s the beauty of focusing and committing to something long term instead of a quick fix.  These eating patterns and work out plans are something that we can continue to incorporate into our “post photo shoot” lives.


Writing this post drums up many mixed feelings. Let me explain. Because I work in the fitness industry and have helped take this program to what it is today, I have seen so many different people come through our doors. Some stay and some go, that is the nature of the business. What pleases me about our program is the hard work and dedication most of our clients demonstrate on a daily basis. The best part of my job is seeing the look of confidence and bewilderment when these strong and amazing people finally realize their potential (or at least tap into the desire to see what their potential is). It’s such an amazing feeling to help someone “push through the shit” and start feeling good about themselves again. Now I guess you’re wondering where the mixed feelings part comes in, well here it is. The toughest part about this job is seeing some of those very same people push so hard for so long and then go right back to the habits that brought them into Aspire Fitness in the first place. It’s troubling to get emails from people who have trained with you, crushed goals and shed tears along the way saying how they have fallen back into unhealthy habits and are unhappy with themselves and their bodies. With this program (be it P2P or G2G) we’re not only trying to get you photoshoot ready, we’re trying change your way of thinking towards health and wellness. Life isn’t meant to be limited to a three month timeframe, it is hopefully much longer and full of enjoyment. Mckenzie and I have tried to accomplish this program while building these habits to carry with us throughout our lives. Trying to keep everything as manageable as possible throughout the program as it will be after.