Hard Work Generates Results

Six weeks in.  Six weeks out.  This post is gonna get into the nitty gritty of the programs.  Both Jeff and I have found that this week has proven to be a bit of a bit*%.  You would think that coming up to our half way mark would be a euphoric and exciting experience.  Quite the contrary.  These past two weeks have felt as long as the first month.  The workouts have kicked our asses, the food has felt less appetizing, and our energy levels have felt tapped out.

We both knew this would happen eventually.  No one gets through this program without going through a “low” spell.  The motivation and energy from the beginning weeks has drifted away into fond memories, the fine balance of our commitments to family and friends as well as to the gym has been tried, and to put it simply; we have just not been feeling it.

So here we are, meal prepping on the Monday of the long weekend, preparing for another full week of “getting back at it” and digging deep to pull through our lull.  It’s not all been bad though.  Some successes from the past two weeks:

-Jeffrey fitting into his bathing suit for Mexico (and yes, it is a speedo;])


-Mckenzie successfully baking (edible) muffins for the first time


-Six weeks Candy and Beer FREE!!!

So, for anyone who has gone through these programs and can empathize, thanks for understanding our pain.  And for those who are considering or thinking about the programs; please don’t let this deter you.  Pushups to Pinups and Grit to Glory are a journey. You get out what you put in.  And some days feel better than others.  But that’s ok.  This is real life. You’ve got to trust the process, take the good with the bad, and just keep moving forward.  Until our next post….