Hard Work Generates Results

Our take – Starting Off

Our Take

Let’s take a few moments to explain who we are and what we have chosen to partake in over the next three months.

J: Mckenzie Hill is a primary school teacher and I, Jeff Kearns am a fitness performance specialist at Aspire Fitness.  Both of us have a strong affiliation for fitness, active living and a healthy balanced lifestyle.   We have each run half marathons, completed numerous adventure races, participate in team sports and just simply enjoy being active. Which brings us to our next endeavour:  couples Push-ups to Pinups and Grit to Glory.  These are each 13 week programs which include 48 tailored workouts, a meal plan, and of course a fabulously fun photo shoot.

M: Clearly, that is going to be Jeff’s favourite part;]

We wanted to give a candid look into what a three month strict fitness program looks like from a relatively normal couple. Let’s face it.  Most people have already clued into the fact that we have committed to this program and have begun to ask questions.  Most of these questions are along the lines of “How is Jeff liking the workouts?”  or “Is Jeff enjoying strict paleo?”  or “It’s been a week, how badly does Jeff want a beer?”  All of these questions are warranted as Jeff is normally on the other side of all of this.  He’s the one kicking your ass when you have no more to give, he’s the one telling you to give one more rep or lift heavier, he’s the one keeping you accountable to yourself…. all with a shit eating grin on his face.   So it makes complete sense that pinups of past are concerning themselves with how he is enjoying his first time on “the program”.

J: So: to answer your questions we thought we would put together a weekly blurb for Aspire and non Aspire folks to let you all know how its’ going.  Not narcissistic at all;] First off, I GREATLY miss beer and pizza.   Mckenzie on the other hand is slowly feeling better after weening herself off of a steady stream of sugar intake from her daily consumption of candy.  Our goal (food wise) throughout the program is to try lots of paleo recipes and keep things from getting boring and bland. Cooked chicken breast and hard boiled eggs get old pretty fast!  So far, paleo chili, coconut thai soup, paleo granola, paleo banana bread and some protein bars have all been successful.  What we’ve noticed is meal prepping is taking some time to adjust to but is key!

Secondly, the workouts.  They are tough, VERY TOUGH if you haven’t been doing anything for a while. Your body feels tired, your muscles feel weak, and they seem to take some time. But it’s funny, the more workouts you do, the more people want to know where you are in the program and how everything is going. This is the fun part about being part of a community of people that all want you to succeed. I, being the one who is usually on the other side of things see this from so many different perspectives, as I am usually witnessing it between clients. Now I am on the receiving end of the “atta boys” and “damn that looks like a hard workout”. Feels good to say the least.

M: Last but not least the reason we started doing the program. I’ve had the pleasure of going through Push-ups to Pinups before. And my reason for doing this round is because I wanted to provide some moral support and I could’t possibly allow Jeff’s abs to look better than mine during our photo shoot in Mexico.

J: My reason for doing Grit to Glory is to get a first hand take on what it is all these people have been bitching and complaining about since we started the program. No truly: the real reason I wanted to do the program is to see if I could actually stick with something like this right to the very end. The plan for me is to be as diligent and as hard working as I can be to achieve the best results. If I were to be really vain I would say; to have more people talk about how good I look after the program than they do about Mckenzie;]

Look here for more updates on recipes, exercises, sore muscles, struggles, successes etc. etc.