Hard Work Generates Results

An email from a recent P2P

Pushups to Pinups

I love posting these! Every once in awhile I get an email from a Pinup talking about their P2P experience, the best part is that these are usually uncensored. A week ago I got an amazing email from Jenna who just recently completed the program with her sister Sara.

To say I was reluctant to sign up for P2P would be an understatement. I thought there was no way, no how I would/could do it… until I couldn’t button up my jeans. I signed up the next day.

I came in knowing it was going to be tough, but really wasn’t fully prepared for the ass-kicking-wake-up-call I was about to receive. Unfortunately for Erica and Jeff, I didn’t keep my pain and suffering to myself, it was written all over my face most days. But they were patient and pushed me through every work out.

Despite my skepticism, Jason was very positive and soon enough the benefits spoke for themselves. I could run further and faster, weights increased, and my jeans fit! Before I knew it, the 12 weeks were over and I had survived. The day of the shoot, with your hair and make up done up, it’s hard not to feel pretty fantastic. That was the day I finally understood what all of the fuss was about; I had accomplished something and it was awesome.

It really is the people, the Aspire Family, that pulls it all together. The combination of positive support, with a sarcastic edge, comic relief, and a fat-crying-muscle-burning-don’t-quit-until-you’re-finished workout. Really, laughing while planking is just their way of making you work harder without realizing it. The Aspire staff and P2P have made me feel like I can do more, that I haven’t yet reached my potential. Needless to say, I’m hooked.