Hard Work Generates Results

Tis the season for excess, which is interesting considering it is followed by the season of change and refining your health. So why not skip the excess and go right into change?

It’s actually not that hard, you just need to follow some very easy steps.

  1. Set goals now: don’t just look at the new year, think about starting in December. Starting something new can be overwhelming in January, so start simple and start now. Even something as simple as going for a walk once a day can provide immediate benefits like improved mood. Think about it–when you’re active and feeling good you’re more likely to choose foods that support these goals.
  2. Have something to look forward to: let’s face it winter isn’t always awesome, having something fun to look forward to will help keep your sights on staying healthy 12-months a year. A great idea is our upcoming Mayan Riviera Trip. Traveling with a group of friends with like goals isn’t a bad idea either.
  3. Do what you enjoy: it’s very simple, if you do things you enjoy you will be more likely to do it. It’s a very simple idea but is often neglected. I always think way back to high school, when I was a young lad in school, I would always get my homework done for the classes I enjoyed. My less than favorable classes were often left to the last minute. If you enjoy hiking, go for a hike. If you like swimming go for a swim.
  4. Moderation: this gets said every year around this time. And it might sound like a broken record, but it is worth saying again. Try grabbing a smaller plate at dinner, remember eating is not a competition where the winner can eat the most. Looking at a larger scale moderating your days is a great idea. Schedules do quickly fill up over the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean every day has to be a big extravaganzas. Pick and choose your “big” party days.
  5. Fill up on healthy options: the holiday season usually maxes out the storage capacity of our fridge but rarely with those healthy options. Having some pre-cut vegetables a quick reach away will help you avoid those hunger fueled bad choices. And holiday parties can be rife with temptation. Eating a balanced meal at home before cocktail parties is a smart move. Alternating an alcoholic beverage with a plain or sparkling water is a great way to reduce sugar and alcohol consumption too. All those liquid calories add up!