Hard Work Generates Results

“P2P | What I learned” – a note from a recent pinup

Pushups to Pinups
  • I do love a good challenge.
  • I’ve been cheating myself of fruits and vegetables until now by not committing to being organized, creative and conscious of what I am eating.
  • Big challenges are WAY better with really good friends and a great husband to support you. Friends keep you laughing even while doing a never ending set of ab workouts. Husbands give you the time and moral support to get it done.
  • It feels really good to finish something you set out to do. Especially when in the beginning it seems so daunting and almost impossible.
  • I am more aware of how what I eat affects my body.
  • We all need to give ourselves a little more credit. We are too hard on ourselves.
  • I CAN survive without potato chips, hash browns, beer, pizza, desserts… I may not always be happy about it but I can survive.
  • Confirmed: there are never going to be enough hours in the day.
  • Getting up at 5:00am somewhat consistently IS actually possible. Was I awake? Did I love it? No.
  • Dry shampoo is really awesome.
  • Swearing always helps 🙂
  • Aspire Fitness, Jason, Jeff and Erica are awesome.