Hard Work Generates Results

Bring a friend to Aspire for the month of December!


One truly is the loneliest number, so don’t be shy ask a friend if they want to join you for the month of December for Free. It’s super easy if you follow the steps below;

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[cv_instructions_step title=”Think of a friend” icon_source=”number” icon_number=”1″ icon=”mail-1″]

Hmmmm… who do you know that might benefit from increased energy, increased feelings of self worth, a decrease in health risks and an improved mood.


[cv_instructions_step title=”Ask that friend (or several friends)” icon_source=”number” icon_number=”2″ icon=”mail-1″]

Pssst…”Hey want to join me for a month at Consumer Choices Awards Top Fitness Centre in Winnipeg?”


[cv_instructions_step title=”Tell Us” icon_source=”number” icon_number=”3″ icon=”mail-1″]

Yo… Jeff, Erica or Jason I’m bringing a friend in for December’s amazing “Bring a Friend”.


[cv_instructions_step title=”Pat yourself on the back” icon_source=”number” icon_number=”4″ icon=”mail-1″]

Rejoice in the knowing that for one month you were responsible for bringing a little extra health and well-being into someone’s life. You’re an amazing person aren’t you!



Just follow those 4 easy steps and you will get to brighten someone’s month, while working out with a friend! How amazing is that?

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*Only available to new clients (or past clients who have not been at Aspire for 6 months or more)