Hard Work Generates Results

A letter from a recent P2P Grad

Pushups to Pinups

This morning I woke up to a wonderful email from our latest P2P grad, and also a special grad. Greg marks the start of our P2P couples program. Take a look at his email.

I have always thought of myself as being In shape. I have been physically active my entire life. From hockey, biking, golf to tennis, if it was a sport, I would play it. My work days are very busy, often so much that lunch is just a thought as there is more priority working then sitting to eat. When it comes to food, I love it. As much as I enjoy eating healthy and clean, I have always enjoyed dessert. With all those things being said, I thought I was taking care of myself and was happy with the way I felt. A year ago, my wife Audrey was surfing Facebook, when an old friend made a post saying she had just started a workout program called push ups to pin ups. At the time our youngest of 3 children was a year and a half old. Audrey had never played a sport, and was definitely not a fan of working out. But something caught her eye so she decided to look more into the push ups to pin up program. She met Jason and Jeff and signed up a week later. Unfortunately for me I was recovering from 2 knee surgeries, so all I could do was sit back and watch her transform. She started the program and instantly felt better about her self. She bought in, believed in the program and changed not only her body but her life. For the first time, she had a 6 pack. And for the first time I was not the fittest person in the house. Lol. So it was on. We were doing custom fit at aspire fitness which led us into doing the push ups to pin up program together.  I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into as the name push ups to pinup sounds a little on the girl side of things. But the wonderful part with having such knowledgeable people like Jason, Jeff and now Erica, is that they can modify the program to suit the needs of men. Plus the workouts whether you are a man or women, will kick your butt.  Now with 3 kids under the age of 7, time management was needed. One of us would work out before work while the other after work. This was something that we both wanted and we made it happen. Todays world consists of people who say they can’t, or there is not enough time, or it too far away, and so forth.  The truth is, in life, change is hard, especially when it’s a change to improve your life. 3 months ago I started the program for a few reasons, first to help rehab my knee, second to have more energy for our 3 very active children but most important to be an example for our children.  What I did not realize, was that the program would transform my body to the way I feel today. At 35 years old I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. I can do physical activities now that I could not do in my 20’s. Mentally and physically this program has also changed me.  I wake up at 530am to work out, I make my way to work where I work as a denturist at the busiest denture clinic in Canada but most importantly, When I get home from work, I have the energy to take the kids to the park or take them on a 10 mile bike ride. It took a 3 month commitment and my life has forever changed.  I can’t say enough about Aspire fitness, Jason, Jeff and Erica but most of all the push ups to pin ups program. It starts today. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

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